Is the future on dry land?

The development of a new massive land-based salmon farming industry.

After being on the air for eight years, we at iLaks/SalmonBusiness have chosen to present our first industry report. No media house follows developments in land-based salmon farms more closely than iLaks and SalmonBusiness. No industry news service reaches more relevant readers in this particular sector. This is the backdrop for us, as we choose to take a deep dive. To map where the land-based salmon production stands today, why it is there, and where it will continue in the years to come.

This pioneer industry is in the making. However, it is not of recent date. Land-based industrial salmon farming has been widespread for decades, but has largely ended in tears and bankruptcies. The technology has not been good enough. In the last 10-15 years, however, a lot has happened on the technology side, at the same time as a significant increase in salmon prices has made it easier to finance the facilities. There are a number of different concepts that are now being tested. First and foremost, the RAS technology (recirculation aquaculture system) applies, but one also finds various forms of flow through systems – with or without the help of tidal water. Such facilities are found in tanks in traditional industrial buildings, but also in mountain basins and mine tunnels.

In this industry report, we will discuss challenges, opportunities, threats and potential that lie in land-based salmon farming, including for the supplier industry. We will present the more than 80 different companies that are engaged in financing and building land-based salmon farms. Together, these aim for a total production of over 2.2 million tonnes of salmon annually, which is not very far from this year’s world production, in sea cages, of 2.7 million tonnes.

The overview is richly illustrated to showcase the many concepts that are sought to be realized.

Industry report written by iLaks and Salmon Business.
Published 22 March 2021



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